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Wed – Sun
09:30 – 16:00

Workshops – STEM




Fascinating Fossils

In this workshop children learn what a fossil is, how they were formed and what they can tell us about the past. Be amazed at how old fossils are and understand the difference between coal and fossils. Handle ancient fossils, using a magnifying glass to analyse and spot fossilised plant materials. Complete wax rubbings of fossils for a class art project and make a fossil to take home or to create a class museum.

Suggested Audience
KS1 – KS2

Make your own fossil to take home.

Curriculum Links
Science, History, Geography, Art.

Mechanisms of Mining

Students look at images of pit heads, cage, wagons and think about what they do, which bits move and how they move before discussing forces. In groups, children will explore and investigate levers, pulleys and gears in a carousel of activities and challenges.

Suggested Audience
KS2 – KS3

Carousel of activities: levers, pulleys and gears.

Curriculum Links
Science (forces), History, Geography, DT.

Exploring Energy

Investigate the reasons why coal was so important, how it was used and its global impact – both positive and negative. Discuss the need for developing renewable energy sources and suggest how this could be done.

Suggested Audience
KS2 – KS4

Make your own windmill to create a class windfarm.

Curriculum Links
Science, PHSE, Technology, History.

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