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Wed – Sun
09:30 – 16:00

Workshops – Art




Unity and Pride

Look at how images, posters and banners were used by the coal mining community, what their meaning is and how significant they are to a sense of belonging and being understood. Analyse the meanings behind our very own banner. Students are encouraged to think about something they personally feel passionately about, signifies their identity, or something that makes them unique.

Suggested Audience
KS2 – KS4+

Make a banner to express your own identity.

Curriculum Links
History, Literacy, Art, Citizenship, PHSE.

Conflict and Culture

Understand how vitally important community was to miners. Learn about how miners were perceived by society, the effects this had on the geography of Kent and the history of the Kent Coalminers. Find out about the 1984-1985 Miners’ Strike – why did it happen and how did it affect the lives of the Kent coal mining communities and the wider society? Students are encouraged to use empathy and consider a figures viewpoint. Create a poster to show your characters likely opinion.

Suggested Audience
KS2 – KS4+

Empathy/role play. Create and debate. Which side will you chose? Make a poster to support your view.

Curriculum Links
History, Geography, Politics, Citizenship, PHSE, Literacy.

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